If you’re looking to transform your home, then you may be considering a home renovation project. Whether it’s entire home renovation for dated houses, or sympathetic complete house renovation for Victorian houses, renovating and remodelling your home can give your property a new lease of life.

Breathing new life into dated homes

Affordable home builders can often deliver comprehensive renovations on a budget, breathing new life into old properties. A renovation project can not only make a home more comfortable and attractive; it can also add significant value to the property.

If you’re considering full house renovation or outdoor home renovations, what do you need to consider?

Getting on the property ladder can be challenging. Buying a property that’s in need of significant renovation can be more affordable even with the likely house renovation cost. A house renovation takes an old property and makes it suitable for contemporary living. Interior and exterior home renovation improves the appearance and functionality of a property, with home renovation contractors able to deliver quality results within budget constraints.

Renovations can encompass a wide range of projects, from converting barns into homes to undertaking full house overhauls or exterior updates. Renovations are becoming increasingly popular as lifestyles and expectations change, with many homeowners looking to transform their current home rather than move.

The Home Renovation process

The renovation process will typically begin with a thorough assessment of the property’s condition, as well as the goals and preferences of the homeowner. Working together, the homeowner and contractor will develop a renovation plan that addresses specific needs while staying within budget.

Plans and designs will be drawn up and any permissions sought. Throughout the project, clear communication and efficient project management are required to ensures that timelines are met.

The duration of a renovation project can vary depending on its scale and complexity. Smaller projects can be completed in a matter of weeks, larger renovation projects such as full house renovations or whole home remodels can take several months to complete. Large older properties in need of extensive renovation can take longer.

During the planning phase, homeowners should consider a number of factors, such as materials costs, labour fees, and contingency funds, to develop a realistic budget.

While it may be tempting to try and complete the renovations yourself to save money, this is rarely the best option. House renovations are complex projects with a range of variables. Experienced house renovation companies understand the process and can anticipate any potential problems. Working with the best house builders, disruptions to daily life can be minimised and the project completed on time.

Complete house renovation from Complete Construction

If you’re considering a house renovation project, Complete Construction can turn your dreams into reality. We pride ourselves on our proven track record of excellence in house renovation, taking a meticulous approach by understanding each client’s unique vision and budget. Our expert team crafts customised plans that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

We offer a comprehensive, fully managed service, overseeing every aspect of the project from initial design conception to final completion. Our team collaborates closely with structural engineers, architects, and other professionals to design every aspect of the structure and other essential elements with precision and care.

We offer three comprehensive packages to suit different requirements and budgets with each package including a range of essential services for your project.

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